The 2018 YOCOCU conference will be hosted in:
– Venue A
Casa Cava
via S. Pietro Barisano 47, Matera

– Venue B
Former hospital of S. Rocco, Church of Cristo Flagellato
S. Giovanni Battista square, Matera

– Venue C
University of Basilicata
via S. Rocco 1, Matera

– Venue D

The two main venues of the conference are located in Piazza San Giovanni in Matera.

The Church of Cristo Flagellato (venue B) is located in the architectural complex which hosted the former San Rocco Hospital. It is also known as the “Church of the Artists” since the Congregation of the Artists of Matera (seventeenth century) took care of it. The church has one nave, once frescoed. The restoration carried out by the Superintendence of Matera in the 90s brought to light many eighteenth-century frescoes.

The second (venue C) is the headquarters of the University of Basilicata. The building, adjacent to the church of San Rocco (1233), is placed in San Giovanni square, and for a while was a temporary location of the former hospital of San Rocco.

The Casa Cava (venue A) is nearby, near the church of San Pietro Barisano. It is a hypogeum complex, an old quarry pit, completely carved out of the rock. For decades the quarry was an house, than it was abandoned and became a dump. In the 1990s, the process of recovery and enhancement began. For its acoustic characteristics, it was decided to use it for theater performances and concerts.

Finally, near the square Vittorio Veneto there is the former Convent of Santa Lucia Nova, which houses the ISCR (venue D). It is an eighteenth-century complex set in the center of Matera, not far from the Tramontano Castle. Nearly rectangular, it is spread over three floors, with two accesses, the first one in Vittorio Veneto square (first floor ) the second one in Lavista street (second and third floor).

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